The Walk – Stage 5

HQ of British High Tech Company

Thursday 8th April – Norton St Philip to Lacock Abbey via Bradford on Avon. Find a beautiful country house Farleigh Castle School now converted by owner into a HQ building for a High Tech company designing and manufacturing products for export around the world. What a wonderful days walk. Have a collection License for Bradford on Avon so should spend some time collecting here. Never been to Bradford on Avon – what a beautiful town. Arrive at the Kennet and Avon Canal lock and chat to the boat owners. When the pace is at walking pace or boats stuck in a lock plenty of time to chat. Just up from the lock is the Saxon Church. Full of Saxon heritage including the largest tithe barn I have ever seen. Then climb up the hill out of the town and what a hill. In between the houses up what is called Tory area. Look for a little pub for a lunchtime drink – find the Castle Pub and look at the menu. All I want is a simple sandwich!! The sandwich menu has humus and roasted peppers stack! sweet chili chicken ciabbatta!!! and smoked salmon and creamed cheese malted brown!!!!! all at £9.95 a throw. So move on after having to have a pint of Wadworths just to be social you understand. Then onto Broughton Gifford, Whitley and Lacock. Well here I am. How do I find accomodation in Lacock? Full of tourists looking at the film sets. Village owned by The National Trust with the tenants in all the houses forming protest group at the annual meeting to get a better deal from the Trust! B & B’s are going to be very busy. Walk out of the village towards the hills and start looking for a suitable room. BBC Wiltshire will be phoning me at 7.15am in the morning to interview me on the breakfast program. Reception not too good so probably need a land line. First house I approach there is no answer and I am told they are full. Onto the next to find they are also full with people staying for a week. Do I carry on up the hill away from the houses? No, I will call at the next farmhouse. They have a full house too. Plus lots of family around in the stables, running around on the lawn. But I prove lucky again. Janet the owner rushes around to find someone that can take me in. I seem to be passed between the flower arrangers from Lacock Church. So I find Polly lovely person who seems to be chair of most things around who makes up a bed and arranges a hurried meal. Dog is once again welcome, very welcome. And Polly donated most of the charge to the Cause! When you travel the country carrying very little it is amazing how kind and hospitable people are. And the conversations can be very illuminating. You can be who you are rather than the person others want you to be.
Find out all about the village of Lacock – was an original Saxon Village called Lacuc. How the Church works. Seems to be the same across the country.

The George

The George

Lacock Abbey

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  1. Paul Clegg says:

    Lacock Village is used as a film location because of it’s lack of 19th or 20th century adornments. The Abbey was used in Harry Potter films, don’t miss it.

  2. Wir sind schon lange hoch zufrieden, werde aber keinesfalls gedanklich folgen. Doch obwohl ich eine voellig andere Meinung habe!Das ist voellig richtig. vergleiche das wie folgt, seit meine Mutter gebrauchte Autoersatzteile fuer unser KFZ nehmen kommen wir mit unserem Geld besser aus

  3. Someone recommend me to visit your blog, I found the this what I looked for . Thanx

  4. Illuminati says:

    Please continue to write.

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