The Walk-Fifth Stop

Can I stay at Lacock Abbey?  Think I should check out B & B’s in Lacock. 

Easter week is proving very busy for accomodation.  More people en route to donate to the charities.  Have to apply for licenses through each council I am walking through.  Never mind I have the time to apply.

Best night so far – Polly looked after me royally and had an interesting conversation at dinner with a young lad working at the local poultry company who lived arond the world when growing up with his BBC reporter father. Lived in Belgrade at the height of the Bosnia war! Also Charlie who is Polly’s son off to stack some logs after dinner – another hard worker. Wonderful nights sleep and woken up by the telephone asking for an interview. Chat for a few minutes on BBC Wiltshire about us- the lucky generation and listen to the weather live – once again lucky beautiful weather. Huge breakfast and must now get off on the next stage up to Lyneham.
Pack up and say goodbye to Polly. Hope to see them again.

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  1. Robert & Polly says:

    Hello Michael

    Glad to hear that you completed your trip. I’m sitting next to Polly who would like to know how Penny felt at the end? You certainly had an impressive final day! Best regards, R and P.
    Hello Robert and Polly
    Many thanks for all your help and contribution. Yes I made it all the way but when my wife Di arrived on the Saturday at the Peterborough Arms, Penny developed a limp in her right front paw. She sat there with her paw raised looking for sympathy – when only the previous afternoon she had been chasing pheasants and deer around. I kept her away from the herons nesting by the Canal. So she stayed with Di when I made my final approach to Malmesbury. We are up to £2,500 now raised and am rubnning around trying to collect the money promised on the sponsor forms. Best wishes and regards. Michael.

  2. Mariana says:

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  3. Sang Muscaro says:

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