The Reason

Friday 9th April Lacock Abbey to Lyneham

Started the day with a radio interview where I talked about our lucky generation. Fairly brief thankfully due to what I find out later.
Set off along the old canal route. The Wilts and Berks canal. Once again a beautiful day across beautiful country. Make good time and arrive at view of the hilltop on which Lyneham base is located. A small group of local people recognise the unique flight of the hercules on a repatriation mission. I understand 2 of our young lads are coming home for the ceremony and drive through Wooton Bassett. The flight is low and slow and the group pay their respects. To be so close makes an unique impression on me. One only 19 and one 20 I understand. The Wooton Bassett drive through is very moving. The town is going about its normal business when the single bell rings and everyone – everyone stops and stands. Not a sound is heard. Not a rustle of paper – they say they cannot remember bird song at this time. The official mourner leads the parade slowly with normal townspeople who were a few minutes before going about their business all now standing at attention and paying their respects to the fallen heroes. Today there were no TV cameras, no obvious cameramen or reporters. Just simple people very moved.
From the Howard Goodall Requiem
take up our quarrel with the foe
to you from failing hands we throw
the torch be yours to hold it high
if ye break faith with us who die
we shall not sleep
the poppies grow in Flanders Field.

The two service personnel that were repatriated on the day I was there were Rifleman Mark Turner 3 Rifles aged 21 and
Guardsman Michael Sweeney of the 1st Coldstream Guards aged just 19.

Lacock AbbeyLyneham

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  1. Ami says:

    thankyou for what you are doing, what an amazing amount of money raised, well donw ( I was at the repatriation – i was there to bring my nephew michael home) – the townsfolk of Wooten Basset shoudl be commended for what they do to bring home our fallen soldiers – once again a massive well done

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