The Walk – Stage 2

King Alfred's Monument

Col Chard VC

Monday 5th April

From Staple Fitzpaine to Burrowbridge via East Deane Way visiting Isle of Athelney and King Alfred’s Monument.  What a fantastic day! Down from the Blackdowns and over to Hatch Court.
Down from the Blackdowns
along the Deane Way
surrounded by bird sounds
and nothing to pay.
Called in at the Church and found the gravestone of the only VC to be won by a Royal Engineer. I was expecting a Lt Chard, however I found a Col. Chard VC. Was he promoted posthumously? Of course he didn’t die at Rourkes Drift he returned and saw his days out at a retirement home in Hatch Beachamp.
Passed another milestone,
as I turn down a lift,
to look for the gravestone,
of Chard of Rourkes Drift.
He won the VC at Rourkes Drift and is the only Royal Engineer to win the top honour. Then on to Burrowbridge and the Burrow Mump.  Called in at the Willow Centre and bought a super log basket for Di.    
Stopped at the willows,
for some tea and some cake,
Bought a log basket,
at least something we make.
In the shop at the Willow centre Sam, the person behind the counter, was on the phone. Someone from China was trying to place an order. Being Easter Monday no one in the office. Sam very kindly got a sponsor form filled with contributions sent to me after the walk which has added to the grand total donated. Thank you Sam.
Then on to King Alfred’s Monument at Isle of Athelney which was built in 1801 in thanks for his survival and regaining his throne in 878.     
But the best yet to come. The King Alfred Inn where we had a fantastic meal and great company with the locals. They suddenly decided to have a whip round for Help for Heroes and raised an astonishing £110 plus paying for my room and dinner for Di and I. So I will donate the costs to the cause. Sort it out later. What a great group including some marines who are off to Afghanistan next week.    This is the reason for the walk – meeting some great people and talking about the military which I have no experience of. Got some amazing stories that are not fit to publish here.
              Isle of Athelney map.

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