Saxon Verse

I’ll tell you about Alfred the Great
Who was chased into hiding by Danes
He created the first British State
and prevented it going up in flames
The Saxons came from the lowlands
Where flooding the land was rife
To eat they needed more land
So they came to cause trouble and strife
They invaded by sea on boats
To fight with the indigenant celts
Who defended their hilltop forts
Dressed only in skimpy fur pelts
They were pushed into Wessex by Vikings
Which with determination they held
So they avoided the rape and the pillage
By buying them off with dane geld.
Now back to young Alfred in hiding
by Athelneys beautiful lakes
Where the kitchen maid gave him some chiding
For forgetting to whatchover the cakes
The Vikings were up on the Poldens
While Alfred was down on the levels
But he escaped by the wet and the cold fens
And so diddled the bad Danish Devils
He assembled his forces around him
And returned and surrounded his foe
And by a process of chasing and hounding
He told them just where to go
So he sent for the King of the Danes
Who duly came over to see him
He expected to be put into chains
But Alfred decided to free him
King Guthrum was most surprised
To be taken to the church on the Aller
And baptised as a godson of Alfred
Instead of being sent to Valhalla
So as a Christian he headed off East
to look for more of his own land
He was no longer seen as a beast
Even turning his back on the Hildebrand
but the youngsters were up for some pranks
and some more of the glittering prizes
so they set off to harry the Franks
dressed in their familiar disguises.
The Saxons thought this was the end
of their foes both brave and herculean
but they changed in the end into Normans
and came back led by Duke William.

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