The Walk – Stage 3

Ancient art of hurdle laying across mashland

If you need hedges laid or hurdles made call Martin Turner on 07974748368.

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Tor

Tuesday 6th April Athelstan Walk

On from Burrowbridge to Glastonbury across the levels!  Beautiful day – very dry and clear.  Nearly lost the dog down a ditch – hind legs stuck in the mud on the bank and slipping down fast – had to rescue her with the long duck stick I have with me. The hurdle laying project up on the Blackdowns around Culmstock to cover marsh land under the beacon is based on the ancient methods used on the levels up to 6,000 years ago in the neolithic period for building roads across lowlands in the West of England which was covered by water for most of the winter. Hence summerset, as pronounced by the locals to this day! Proved to be an interesting walk – once over the levels start the climb to the windmill on the ridge then down the other side into Street and on to Glastonbury and Wells.
As I was walking at a fast pace through Street came to a corner and David Heathcoat-Amory and his entourage came round the corner straight into me. He naturally put some money into my box and we had a chat about us the lucky generation – which he trumped with yes – but our children will be left with huge debts! Lovely chat since I am aware of his family’s history moving to Tiverton and we have a family connection. Then onto Galstonbury and now been up Glastonbury Tor. Also found the tombs of Saxon kings in the Abbey. King Ina built the first saxon church for the abbey in 704 to St Peter and St Paul. Also Saint Dunstan created Abbot by King Edmund. King Ina went on a pilgramage to Rome several times and stayed there and created the English School of Rome. At Glastonbury are the tombs of Saxon Kings including King Edmund, King Edgar and King Edmund Ironside. The grandaughter of Edmund Ironside fled by sea up the East Coast. She was shipwrecked off Fife and married King Malcolm of Scotland. Yes, the one that fought and killed Macbeth. She eventually became St Margaret. The current Ironsides originate from Aberdeenshire. My mother was an Ironside – and is from Aberdeen. I made Wells but could not get access to the Cathedral since dogs not allowed. So no picture of the tomb of King Ina. Visited the museum and then onto the Bay House B & B where I am updating the blog with the kind help of the landlady’s laptop. Paul Clegg just arrived and have to write more later.

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  1. Paul Clegg says:

    magnificent view from the top of Glastonbury Tor. enjoy

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