The Walk – Stage 4

The Mulberry Factory

Wednesday 7th April From Wells to Norton St Philip.  Long way but fairly straight and level.

Obviously didn’t look at the map properly.  Quite a steep climb out of Wells for about 2 to 3 miles before levelling off.   Looks a good walk with well marked paths which Penny, the dog, and I tested out at each end. proved that the steep climb out of Wells was not as bad as I thought. Got a good speed up. At the top Penny caught a rabbit which I skinned and she had a good breakfast. Beautiful views down into Wells. Sun catching the cathedral windows and the bright stones. What a great country! Now head down and over the top towards Binegar. At the top look back – how lucky am I! Dog off lead and saunter along Bennetts Lane passed lovely houses and farms. Arrive at the A37 – long queue of Artics waiting on the hill for traffic lights below. Traffic stopped. So, simply walked straight over to the stile opposite and into the fields. How annoying for those drivers! See the huge viaduct which carried the railway some time ago. Over the fields by Three Tuns farm and down into Chilcompton. Arrive at the road directly opposite the Mulberry factory – another great British success story – we always come up trumps! and we will again. Then along the pavement through Chilcompton – and what do you think – Roy and Brenda from Hemyock driving through Chilcompton stop and Brenda joined me for the walk through the village! What are the chances of me being there just as they drive through back from Shepton Mallett hospital. Really uplifting! The support I have had all the way through has been amazing. Then head off into the fields again. Thankfully ground very dry. find a little valley completely hidden with a heron stading in the stream. Have a rest with a light lunch. Penny glad for the stop. then find myself off my main route – south of the line on my map. never mind a little detour past Babbington House and up to Hatchet Hill and hit the A362 once again straight over to the Hemington road. What a beautiful place Hemington is. a hidden gem. The whole valley opens up with the village at the bottom – no sign of industry, pylons, roads and few cars. Eventually join A366 2 miles outside Norton St Philip. The oldest church, pub and village around. This is where the Duke of Monmouth was holed up in the George with the royalists – King James II taking pot shots at him. The end of the road for Monmouth. Then Judge Jeffries held his court in the courtyard of the George. Sent a lot of the culprits to the colonies. Strangely enough when I find a B & B its full of Australians on holiday.

To the George at St Philip where Monmouth was stopped,
and his pitchfork rebellion royally flopped,
he was sent to the Tower with some of his mates
where they sat around waiting to hear of their fates.


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