The Walk – Third stop

Athelstan Walk

Paul and I called in at the City Arms which I find out was owned by the Landlords family at one stage. Landlord is Italian and Germans staying here as well. We have a great country – everyone else seems to like it for holidays and work apart from the Brits. Great nights rest and the dog collapsed into the dog’s bed provided.

City Arms down from the Cathedral was great pub for eats.   Crick etc found the secrets of dna in that pub in Cambridge.  Paul and I simply solved the world’s problems.   Really enjoyed Glastonbury – the only spell they put on me was to see how great a place it is – The market was on and the cafes around the Market were all attractive and serving good coffee. Should really be off on my walk though. Long way to go. Wells is beautiful – Cathedral School practising a concert.  Will check out times of services. King Ina’s tomb in the nave. He fought a battle behind our house!  1300 years ago. Must get a metal detector. Probably only find the dogs chain we lost. Have now booked into the Bay Tree B&B in Wells. Owner welcomes the dog which is lucky. Having a meal in Wells with Paul Clegg who runs the BNI network.
Heard story from the landlord of the problems that people with large assets have in organising their wills – and motivating their sons – so end up disinheriting them. Money does cause a lot of problems – at least with it you can decide what problems to have!

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